Move-in, Move-out for Residents

Shifting houses can be exhausting and let’s not forget the stress of packing the boxes, hiring the movers, and filling out the paperwork. To simplify the moving-in or moving-out process, we have Introduced MyGate’s exclusive, move-in move-out feature for residents to help them get rid of unnecessary labor and effort.

Simplifying the complicated and scattered process of move-in and move-out to less than a few clicks. The steps are designed keeping in mind the ease-of-use and maximum convenience.

Why MyGate Move-in and Move-out?

This feature brings in the following benefits:

  • Real-time information on your move-in or move-out application
  • Pay the move-in or/and move-out charges via the app
  • Complete all formalities much before the date of shifting
  • Get to know the rules and regulations of society in advance to avoid last-minute hassles

The Move-In Process

  1. Once you have signed up on the user app go to the “Profile” option
  2. Click on Add Flat/Villa
  3. Fill in the relevant details
  4. Select the occupancy status as Moving In
  5. Fill out the Move-In form
  6. Hit ‘Submit’
  7. Once the application is approved by the society admin, a move-in gate pass is generated. The move-in gate pass is a 6-digit unique passcode that must be shown at the gate when the vehicle carrying your household items is entering

For more information about the feature, please get in touch with your society admin.

The Move-Out Process

  1. Click on the “Profile” option
  2. Select the flat from where you’re moving out
  3. Click on Move-out/Delete
  4. Confirm Move-out in the next dialogue box
  5. Fill in the Move-Out form and Submit

Once the application is approved by the admin, your resident details will be deleted from the dashboard.

Moving into a new community or leaving one, shifting homes is a very time-consuming and laborious task. With this feature, Residents and admins can majorly benefit to simplify their house-shifting process in a community and have a smooth and stress-free transition.