How Communities Can Maximise the Convenience of MyGate

June 25, 2019
By Team MyGate

MyGate is designed to enhance security and improve community management through technology. When used to its maximum potential, residents experience seamless urban living, and the work of security personnel, facility managers and daily staff is made easier.

MyGate cannot, however, do this on its own. It needs contributions from each stakeholder. We have put together a few best practices, based on our learnings from the thousands of communities that use our product extensively. Let’s take a quick look…

Best Practices at MyGate Communities

General Guidelines:

1. Empower Your Guards
Your security guards are an important cog in the MyGate wheel. If they are going to use the app to approve or deny entry to visitors, they need to know that they have the backing of the managing committee.

3. Encourage Usage
MyGate does conduct training sessions for residents and provides access to ample instructional material, but it is important for the committee to encourage adoption and usage of the app during the initial weeks.

3. Register All Staff
All daily service providers should be registered on MyGate along with their photographs. This is a one-time procedure that will enable all residents to a) receive notifications when their staff enter and exit the community, and b) find top-rated help, as and when needed.

4. Promote Security As Shared Responsibility
Advance the idea that security is the responsibility of every resident in the community. If every resident ensures that their visitors are approved via the app, security for the entire community will be elevated. Simultaneously, they (and their visitors) will be able to enjoy the convenience of seamless entries.

Guidelines for App Features:

5. Use The Gatepass Feature
Giveaways to household help should be pre-notified on the MyGate app using the ‘Gatepass’ feature. This will keep them from awkward questions from the security guard in case you’ve given them something to take home.

6. Opt For SmartEye
The Management Committee should opt for the ‘SmartEye’ feature on the MyGate app to put in place a foolproof mechanism for recording attendance of security guards and society housekeeping staff.

7. Pre-approve Visitors On The App
In order to ensure hassle-free entry for visitors, residents can use the pre-approval feature of the MyGate app. With this feature, residents can invite visitors in advance by generating a 6-digit OTP. Visitors are allowed access after sharing this OTP with the security guard. In case the OTP is incorrect, the security guard can follow the normal approval process for visitors.

8. Approve Impromptu Visitors Through MyGate
In case a visitor arrives without a passcode, the guard should create an entry using the visitor mode of the MyGate app. Residents can then approve the entry using the in-app ring or on the e-intercom. If neither of the two approvals are received, the guard should place a call via the normal intercom to seek approval. Visitors shouldn’t be let in without approval.

9. Make Use Of The Overstay Alert
The management committee should set guidelines for the ‘Overstay alert’ via the app. This will raise an alert every time a delivery boy or a cab driver does not leave society within a specified time. The security guard can check for visitors who are still inside the premises post the security alarm.

Guidelines for Managing Vehicles:

10. Use Vehicle Mode
In order to ensure smooth entry of resident vehicles without RFID or sticker, residents can add their vehicle numbers on the MyGate app. This enables the security guard to identify resident vehicles using the ‘Vehicle’ mode of the MyGate app, hence ensuring a smooth experience for the residents.

11. Manage Timed Entries With Ease
In case a 4-wheeler belonging to a service provider needs access to the premises for at least 15 minutes, the guard can follow the normal visitor process. The security guard is expected to capture pictures of all members in the group. He can identify a leader and record his name and number on the MyGate app, along with the staff count for the resident’s approval.

Other Guidelines:

12. Ensure Authorized Access To Amenities
For accessing the clubhouse, the residents can provide a 6-digit passcode available through the MyGate app. They will also need to upload their photos on the app to ensure that only the residents are given access to the clubhouse.

13. Raise Quick Alerts
Residents are encouraged to use the templatised security alert feature of the MyGate app for quick alerts to the guard.

14. Broadcast Communications Faster
Management committee should use the notice board feature on the admin portal for apartment wide communication on important guidelines and news.

15. Check The Living Dashboard Regularly
The management committee should periodically access the admin dashboard to check the attendance of security and housekeeping staff as well as daily statistics on visitor movement to identify suspicious or irregular activity, if any.

We hope that you are able to follow and implement these simple guidelines to maximise the MyGate convenience. Should you need any assistance, feel free to get in touch with our team at [email protected] We’d be happy to help!

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