Overstay Alert

Large communities can have over a thousand delivery executives and cab drivers go past the main gate everyday. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ensure they don’t overstay their welcome?

What is Overstay Alert?

This feature enables the Mygate admin to set the maximum duration these delivery executives, cab drivers and service providers may spend inside your community before an alarm goes off on the guard’s device.

Why We Built This Feature

On gated communities’ whatsApp groups, there are often complaints of delivery executives loitering in the area or technicians advertising their services to other homes after completing one job in the community. This is all preventable with overstay alert.

How To Set It Up

To set up Overstay Alert for your community, any of the administrators may contact their customer representative and ask for it to be set up.

You have the option of setting different durations for delivery executives, cabs, and service providers. Your society can also decide how long a visitor can stay per flat. For example, if a technician is going to 10 flats within the society and you have set a time-limit of 3 minutes per flat, then the technician has 30 minutes to exit the society before the alarm goes off. As soon as the time-limit is exceeded, a loud alarm is set off on every guard device with details of the technician. This empowers the security guard to take action as per society guidelines.

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